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Access 2019 For Dummies

Book Description

Easy steps to practical databases

People who really know how to build, populate, and simplify databases are few and far between. Access 2019 For Dummies is here to help you join the ranks of office heroes who possess these precious skills.

This book offers clear and simple advice on how to build and operate databases as well as create simple forms, import data from outside sources, query databases for information, and share knowledge in reports. In short, it’s the book that holds all the secrets behind the mysteries of Access!

  • Build effective databases from the ground up
  • Simplify your data entry with forms and tables
  • Write queries that produce answers to your data questions
  • Simplify input with forms

There’s no time like the present to get your hands on the insight that database beginners need to become Access gurus.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Where to Go from Here
  3. Part 1: Basic Training
    1. Chapter 1: Access 2019 Basic Training
      1. What Is Access Good For, Anyway?
      2. What’s New in Access 2019?
      3. Reach Out with SharePoint
      4. How Access Works and How You Work with It
      5. Now What?
    2. Chapter 2: Navigating the Access Workspace
      1. Diving Right In
      2. Working with Onscreen Tools in Access
      3. Customizing the Access Workspace
      4. Mousing Around
      5. Navigating Access with the Alt Key
    3. Chapter 3: Database Basics
      1. Database Lingo
      2. Field Types and Uses
      3. Choosing Between Flat and Relational Databases
      4. Building a Database
      5. Adding and Removing Tables
  4. Part 2: Getting It All on the Table
    1. Chapter 4: Sounds Like a Plan
      1. Planning Your Database Tables
      2. Building Tables in Design View
    2. Chapter 5: Table Tune Ups
      1. The Primary Key to Success
      2. Making Tables Get Along
      3. Building Table Relationships
      4. Indexing for Faster Queries
    3. Chapter 6: Remodeling Your Data
      1. Opening a Table for Editing
      2. Inserting Records and Fields
      3. Modifying Field Content
      4. Name-Calling
      5. Turn Uh-Oh! into Yee-Hah!
    4. Chapter 7: Types, Masks, and Triggers
      1. Access Table Settings
      2. Field Data Formats
      3. Gaining Control of Data Entry
      4. Give Your Fingers a Mini Vacation by Default
  5. Part 3: Data Management Mania
    1. Chapter 8: A Form for All Reasons
      1. Generating Forms
      2. Customizing Form Parts
      3. Managing Data in Form View
    2. Chapter 9: Importing and Exporting Data
      1. Retrieving Data from Other Sources
      2. Hit the Road, Data
    3. Chapter 10: Automatically Editing Data
      1. Please Read This First!
      2. Creating Consistent Corrections
      3. Using Queries to Automate the Editing Process
    4. Chapter 11: Access and the Web
      1. How Access Works with the Web
      2. Understanding Office 365
      3. Connect Office 365 to Access 2019
  6. Part 4: The Power of Questions
    1. Chapter 12: Finding, Filtering, and Sorting Your Data — Fast
      1. Using the Find Command
      2. Sorting Alphabetically and Numerically
      3. Fast and Furious Filtering
    2. Chapter 13: I Was Just Asking … for Answers
      1. Simple (Yet Potent) Filter and Sort Tools
      2. Select Queries
      3. Getting Your Feet Wet with Ad Hoc Queries
    3. Chapter 14: I Want These AND Those OR Them
      1. Working with AND and/or OR
      2. Combining AND with OR and OR with AND
    4. Chapter 15: Number Crunching with the Total Row
      1. Say Hello to the Total Row
      2. Adding the Total Row to Your Queries
      3. Working Out the Total Row
      4. Creating Your Own Top-Ten List
      5. Choosing the Right Field for the Summary Instruction
    5. Chapter 16: Express Yourself with Formulas
      1. A Simple Calculation
      2. Complex Calculations
      3. Hooray for Expression Builder
    6. Chapter 17: Take Charge with Action Queries
      1. Easy Update
      2. Add Records in a Flash
      3. Quick Cleanup
  7. Part 5: Simple and Snazzy Reporting
    1. Chapter 18: Fast and Furious Automatic Reporting
      1. Quick and Not-S0-Dirty Automatic Reporting
      2. Previewing Your Report
      3. Beauty Is Only Skin (Report) Deep
    2. Chapter 19: Professionally Designed Reports Made Easy
      1. Report Repairs
      2. Report Organization
      3. Formatting Stuff
      4. Sneaking a Peek
      5. Getting a Themes Makeover
      6. Adding More Design Elements
    3. Chapter 20: Groups and Page Breaks, Headers and Footers
      1. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place
      2. Customizing Properties
    4. Chapter 21: Mailings to the Masses
      1. Massive Mailings with the Label Wizard
  8. Part 6: The Parts of Tens
    1. Chapter 22: Ten Common Problems
      1. That’s Just Not Normal
      2. You Type 73.725, but It Changes to 74
      3. The Words They Are A-Changing
      4. Was There and Now It’s Gone
      5. You Run a Query, but the Results Aren’t What You Expect
      6. The Dreaded Parameter Dialog Box
      7. The Slowest Database in Town
      8. Your Database File Is as Big as a House
      9. You Get a Mess When Importing Your Spreadsheet
      10. We’re Sorry; Your Database File Is Corrupt
    2. Chapter 23: Ten Uncommon Tips
      1. Document Everything as Though One Day You’ll Be Questioned by the FBI
      2. Keep Your Fields as Small as Possible
      3. Use Number Fields for Real Numbers
      4. Validate Your Data
      5. Use Understandable Names to Keep Things Simple
      6. Delete with Great Caution
      7. Backup, Backup, Backup
      8. Think, Think, and Think Again
      9. Get Organized and Stay Organized
      10. There’s No Shame in Asking for Help
  9. Appendix A: Getting Help
  10. Index
  11. About the Author
  12. Advertisement Page
  13. Connect with Dummies
  14. End User License Agreement