“After more than three decades helping business travelers better understand their colleagues in other cultures, I know how vital it is to understand country-specific customs and avoid costly international faux pas. It is refreshing to see that in addition to the invaluable insights and practical advice offered in Access to Asia, Ms. Schweitzer helps readers to assess their own readiness for working with Asian cultures, acknowledging the most important requirement for cross-cultural success: know yourself first, in order to know others!”

Dean Foster, President, DFA Intercultural Global Solutions, and author of the John Wiley Global Etiquette Guide series, USA

“Unlike typical regional business guides, Access to Asia focuses on the deeper side of cultural understanding. It goes beyond rules and facts and helps the reader make sense of the often subtle, yet profound, cultural differences found in Asia—something that's critical for building successful relationships. Sharon Schweitzer understands that cultural understanding is not just a set of techniques to use, facts to learn, or rules to follow. By learning the cultural perspective of others, we explore the hidden parts of our cultural self. Access to Asia provides a great starting point for this profoundly satisfying journey.”

Joseph Shaules, director, Japan Intercultural Institute, Author of The Intercultural Mind: Connecting Culture, Cognition and Global Living, Tokyo, Japan

Access to Asia is like the Lonely Planet for business ...

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