Chapter 18. Advanced Access Query Techniques


  • Using calculated fields

  • Creating queries that calculate totals

  • Using different types of queries that total

  • Creating crosstab queries

  • Using query wizards

  • Understanding action queries

  • Learning how action queries work

  • Creating new tables with a make-table query

  • Creating update, delete and append queries

  • Troubleshooting action queries

  • Working with SQL queries

In this chapter, you work with more complex queries in greater detail than you did in earlier chapters. So far, you have worked with types of select queries and parameters. Earlier parts of this book explained relatively simple select queries, in which you select specific records from one or more tables based on some criteria. You also learn about action queries, which enable you to change the field values in your records automatically and add or delete records.


This chapter uses the database named Chapter18.accdb. If you have not already copied it onto your machine from the CD, you need to do so now. This database is a direct ODBC import from an Oracle database. All the field names from the Oracle database are expressed in uppercase characters. See Chapter 17 for details about importing data into Access applications.

Using Calculated Fields

Queries are not limited to fields from tables; you can also use calculated fields (created by performing some calculation). A calculated field can be created in many different ways, including the following:

  • Concatenating two Text type fields ...

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