J.1. Access Wizards

As you can tell from the extensive list of enhanced wizards, Access is more user-friendly and automated with each version. The following table describes 57 wizards, including 11 that were replaced or removed from Access 2007. The status column indicates changes between Access 2003 and 2007. Although there is some overlap, the main difference between enhanced and improved is that enhanced is used to denote changes to the wizard including the user interface while improved denotes that the target feature/process—such as the import or export process—has improved. The Replaced status indicates that, although the particular wizard is no longer available, its function is provided elsewhere, as explained in the description.

AutoDialerAdds an AutoDialer to a control on a form, datasheet, or toolbar. It incorporates modem information and dials the number.Enhanced so that the autodialer function can be called from an embedded macro instead of using VBA.
AutoFormThe AutoForm was replaced by the selection of forms available in the Forms group of the create tab, as shown in Figure J-1. Any of the forms are automatically created based on the selected record source. The traditional form wizard is also available.Replaced.
AutoFormatApplies a predefined style and format to a form or report, and allows creation of custom styles. This has been enhanced by additional auto formats (displayed as styles in the Form and Report wizards).Enhanced with additional ...

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