Welcome to Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference. This release of Access probably has the most dramatic changes for developers and users since Access 97 and arguably since Access 2.0. With changes of this magnitude, you will want to leverage community resources to get up to speed quickly so that you are working smarter and more efficiently. That's where this book comes in.

Why this book? It has an unparalleled team of authors and tech editors who are as devoted to helping fellow developers as they are passionate about the product. Armen and Teresa have both earned Access MVP status in recognition of their expertise and contributions to the Access community, and Rob and Geoff are members of the Microsoft Access test team. They have the level of familiarity with Access 2007 that can only be developed through time and use. Both of the tech editors are testers on the Microsoft Access team, so they too have been working with Access 2007 for more than a year. In addition to editing, they also contributed resources, suggestions, and some of the tips in Appendix M. Every member of the team has been working with Access since 97 or before. Even with this remarkable level of expertise, we took the opportunity to complement our own experiences with contributions from other developers to bring you the best available information on using VBA (Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications) in Access 2007.

Many of the new features in Access 2007 can accomplish tasks that previously required ...

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