14.3. Linking Libraries in Access 2007

There are two ways to link a library to an Access 2007 database: by referencing the library or by declaring it.

14.3.1. Referencing a Library

When you set a reference to an external library in Access 2007, you can use its functions as though they were built-in to Access. You can reference type libraries, object libraries, and control libraries.

For example, because the Microsoft Excel Object Library is itself a library of functions, you can reference (link to) it in Access and use its functions as though they were part of Access. To reference a library, select Tools References in the Visual Basic Editor. The References dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 14-3.

Figure 14.3. Figure 14-3

Browse the list to see a large range of libraries. Some typical libraries are:

  • Microsoft Office 12.0 Object Library

  • Microsoft Excel, Word, and the other members of the Office suite

  • Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library

  • Microsoft Office 2007 Access database engine Object Library

  • Microsoft Scripting Runtime

  • Microsoft SQLDMO Object Library

Of course, many of the libraries you'll find listed in the References dialog box are from suppliers other than Microsoft, and depend on the applications you have installed on your computer. You might find such things as:

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