L.6. Tables of Tags

The following tables are a compilation of terms and tags from a multitude of sources. They are by no means all-inclusive listings of all the tags currently in use or that have been used, and new tags will continue to be generated as programs evolve and as developers create their own objects. That being said, the hope is that having this reasonably comprehensive list will save you valuable research time while you are trying to select the right tag or trying to decipher the meaning of an existing tag.

In your work and reading, you'll notice that tags can represent different things at different times. And because it is helpful to know what a tag could mean, you might think of these tables as interpreters, to help you translate other people's code. Therefore, the lists include multiple tags for some objects and a tag may appear more than one time. This isn't to encourage you to vacillate in your usage, but rather to help you interpret the writings of others.

The following table is a compilation of tags and the objects that they represent. It is in alphabetical order by tag. Although a few developers like to use an s to indicate plural, generally only the singular forms are listed in this table.

L.6.1. Object Tags

aniAnimated Button
bedPen Bedit
bln/tfBoolean (Yes/No)
BMPWindows Bitmap
brkPage break
cboCombo box
chkCheck Box
chrText (character) ...

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