22.1. The Office Trust Center

The Trust Center is a new security feature that has been implemented across all applications in Office, including Access. It is not the first feature you'll see when you launch Access 2007 (you'll likely come across Disabled mode first), but it provides several of the key concepts you'll want to know before you explore Disabled mode in more detail.

22.1.1. What Is the Trust Center?

The Trust Center is a centralized feature that you can use to manage security settings for an Office application. In Access, you get to the Trust Center by clicking the Access Options button from the Office menu, then selecting the Trust Center page. On the Trust Center page, click the Trust Center Settings button to open the Trust Center, shown in Figure 22-1.

Figure 22.1. Figure 22-1

22.1.2. Trust Center Features

The Trust Center combines several security and privacy features from previous versions of Office into a common place. Those features include trusted publishers and macro settings. The following sections survey each group in the Trust Center. Trusted Publishers

The Trusted Publishers page (see Figure 22-2) lists the certificates that are installed to the Trusted Publishers certificate store in Windows. Trusted publishers are added when you choose the option to Trust All Documents From This Publisher when opening a database that is signed with a digital ...

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