Chapter 15

Elevating the Buyer to Customer Journey


Going beyond the purchase decision

Educating your customers

Driving more revenue through additional purchases

The party just gets started when the deal is signed.

With ABM, the last stage, Advocate, is about creating customer advocates. A customer advocate is a client who speaks positively on behalf of your business. Turning your customers into raving fans is a process, and it should be taken seriously at all levels of your company. Your company invested time, money, and resources because you know the account you brought on board as a customer is a great fit for your business. You want the customer, and all the contacts in the account, to have an awesome experience with your company. When they have a meaningful experience, they will be willing to talk about it with their peers, or even collaborate with your business for sales and marketing.

In this chapter, I discuss going beyond the typical B2B buyer’s journey to a comprehensive customer journey looking at the lifecycle of an account. I tell you about the importance of customer on-boarding and adoption of your product or service. Providing a great experience will create new sales opportunities within your existing customer accounts.

Prospecting to Contacts

With account-based marketing, you’ll continue to discover and meet new contacts in both your opportunities and your customer accounts. The same way your marketing and sales teams engage prospects should ...

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