About the Book


Accounting is a key aspect of business. All those who work for, or deal with, businesses, therefore, need to understand accounting. Essentially, understanding accounting is a prerequisite for understanding business. This book aims to introduce students to accounting and provide them with the necessary understanding of the theory and practice of financial and management accounting. The book, therefore, is aimed primarily at students studying accounting for the first time and seeks to be as understandable and readable as possible.

The Market

This book is intended as a primary text for students studying accounting for the first time: either those following an undergraduate degree in a business school or non-business studies students studying an accounting course. Thus, this includes students on both accounting and non-accounting degrees as well as MBA students and MSc students. The book therefore covers, for example, accountants, business, engineers, physicists, hotel and catering, social studies and media-study students. The text aims to produce a self-contained, introductory, one-year course covering the major aspects of accounting. However, it is also designed so that students can progress to more advanced follow-up courses in financial accounting or management accounting. The text is thus well-suited as an introduction for mainstream accounting graduates or MBA and MSc students as a basic text. In particular, MBA and MSc students should find the chapters ...

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