1. 1. Which of the following best describes the relationship between data and information?images
    1. Data are interpreted information.
    2. Information is interpreted data.
    3. Data are more useful than information in decision making.
    4. Data and information are not related.
  2. 2. A character is to a field as
    1. water is to a pool
    2. a pool is to a swimmer
    3. a pool is to water
    4. a glass is to water
  3. 3. Magnetic tape is a form of
    1. direct access media
    2. random access media
    3. sequential access media
    4. alphabetical access media
  4. 4. Which of the following is not an advantage of using real-time data processing?
    1. Quick response time to support timely record keeping and customer satisfaction
    2. Efficiency for use with large volumes of data
    3. Provides for random access of data
    4. Improved accuracy due to the immediate recording of transactions
  5. 5. If a company stores data in separate files in its different departmental locations and is able to update all files simultaneously, it would not have problems with
    1. attributes
    2. data redundancy
    3. industrial espionage
    4. concurrency
  6. 6. When the data contained in a database are stored in large, two-dimensional tables, the database is referred to as a
    1. flat file database
    2. hierarchical database
    3. network database
    4. relational database
  7. 7. Database management systems are categorized by the data structures they support. In which type of database management system is ...

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