Achieving Alignment with Jon Baxter

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Have you ever been in a meeting and people think they are talking about the same thing, but one or both sides are missing the main point? You probably witnessing an alignment issue.

In this weeks episode Adam catches up with Jon Baxter, an expert on helping people align to drive more effective results. Jon has created the proprietary SDBP® certificate and training programme and has led the Strategic IT Partner Forum, a bi-annual conference that provides thought leadership, CXO-level insight and practical application to delegates in the UK.

He conducts research and regularly writes about Strategic Partnering, especially in the context of Digital Transformation, and he has a top-tier global corporate client list who subscribes to his coaching and workshops.

In this fascinating conversation Adam and Jon discuss the importance of alignment, and Jon provides a practical framework that anyone can apply to help better achieve alignment in a professional setting. If you are looking to change the way the teams in your organisation work together, or developing external, strategic partnerships, this is a must-listen!

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  1. Achieving Alignment with Jon Baxter

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  • Title: Achieving Alignment with Jon Baxter
  • Author(s): Assemble You Limited
  • Release date: November 2023
  • Publisher(s): Assemble You
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