I’ve been feeling good about laying out a plan for survival, but not for excellence. That’s a sobering revelation.
The sooner we get started, the sooner we stop the hemorrhaging. We just can’t waste another day without doing something to stop the loss of customers, revenue, and profit.
Remember, you can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs!
Greg remained optimistic throughout most of the weekend. The difference was obvious to his family. He talked with Penny about the way he had been feeling about work.
“You know, Penny, Roxanne made a lot of sense the way she spoke about total integration of the business. I didn’t completely understand some of the details, but the way she talked about integrating the efforts of people across the entire supply chain, and the way she described the path we could take to improve our results was eye-opening. It was exciting. She gave me the confidence that I haven’t had in a good while. We started thinking differently about the business.
“And, Penny, thanks for being a good listener again, and for putting up with me the past few months.”
Early Sunday evening the house was quiet. He and Penny were relaxing while reading recent best sellers. Greg was distracted by his thoughts as he read and was getting excited about a future with improved customer service results. He realized the path he was on would make Cosmetics Products competitive again, but wouldn’t make them the preferred supplier he wanted them to be. He remarked ...

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