After all, the art is synchronization with a matched set of parts. Pushing and shoving is dysfunctional and results in gross mismatches.
I can foresee a day when they’ll be left with niche markets only, and we’ll be in the same league as the really big players, at least in the U.S. market.
Conscious incompetence is far better than unconscious incompetence.
It had taken enormous commitment, years of constant focus, and a division manager retiring early, but all divisions of Amalgamated Consumer Products Corporation had achieved the Class A Business Excellence Award. Greg knew now that the biggest danger was the possibility of regressing into complacency, even though the organization’s culture had changed dramatically from when he joined the company. Penny reminded him, “When you’re at the top, you have a long way to fall. Where’s your safety harness, Greg?” The wise advice struck home. Several years ago, when Cosmetics Products completed its Customer Satisfaction Initiative, he had come close to easing up and basking in the glow of success. That possibility was short-lived when, once again, both Penny and Roxanne sounded the alarm and urged him and the Cosmetics Products team back into action. In his new role, he needed to keep his Executive Team and Division Presidents energized and committed to continuous improvement.
He continued to rely on Roxanne as his confidante, meeting with her about every two months. He brought up the subject of ...

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