Chapter 10
Get Help to Be
Rhonda: Fish: to give is OK; to teach how is forever.
On the plane to London, I was thinking about the last three
years. e harder you work for something, the more you appre-
ciate it. I had enjoyed success throughout my career, and I feel
Ihad worked hard. I learned so many lessons from this hospital.
I often nd it amusing that I thought I was coming here to teach
them a thing or two, but they taught me multitudes of things.
Ilearned there is a huge dierence between working hard and challenging work.
My rst day at this hospital, one of my peers asked me what made me qualied to
work here. I did not pay her much mind at the time, but I really started to think
about the answers to that question.
In the years prior to coming to Community General, I had the opportunity to
work with a consulting group. Any time I had worked with consultants before, it
was not such a good experience. I thought consultants were people who came in
and told you what to do and “got out of Dodge” before they could be blamed for
the lack of sustained results. e last group of consultants I worked with was dif-
ferent, or maybe it was me who was dierent. I think before I was just looking for
the silver bullet. For example, if consultants come in because you need help with
cost containment, they can tell you where to cut costs. ere are immediate results
because you followed their actions. However, after they leave, if your behavior does
not change, the results do not last. It is like that old proverb: “If you give a man a
sh you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to sh you feed him for a lifetime.
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