Achieving Success as a 21st Century Manager

Book description

Becoming a Successful Executive Won’t Require Spending Thousands on Training or Years Studying in a Degree Program!

This book is about taking personal control of your management career by planning for your development outside of training sessions or university degree programs. Careers and organizations are changing rapidly so personalizing your own training and competency development is critical.

Talent management is what your employer offers you but action learning in the workplace is building your own managerial competencies without losing a single day on the job. Use this book to spot your best learning opportunities within your current job and then learn how you can plan your job assignments to build valuable, portable, and job-relevant skills.

Included in this book are self-evaluations for cognitive competence, virtual competence, emotional competence, cross-cultural competence, socialization competence, health competence, and competencies in spotting leadership differences and situational recognition.

You will find sound applied strategies in each chapter for building these competencies into strengths that will further your career in management, such as:

  • How Do I Know What Competencies I Need?
  • What Are My Strengths and What Are My Weaknesses?
  • How Do I Build Valuable Skills On-The-Job?

Product information

  • Title: Achieving Success as a 21st Century Manager
  • Author(s): Dean E. Frost
  • Release date: September 2021
  • Publisher(s): Business Expert Press
  • ISBN: 9781631573989