Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging

Book Description

Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging: Michael Chekhov Reimagined offers a new set of exercises for coaching actors when working on productions that are non-traditionally staged in arenas, thrusts, or alleys. All of the exercises are adapted from Michael Chekhov's acting technique, but are reimagined in new and creative ways that offer innovative twists for the practitioner familiar with Chekhov, and easy accessibility for the practitioner new to Chekhov. Exploring the methodology through a modern day lens, these exercises are energizing additions to the classroom and essential tools for more a vibrant rehearsal and performance.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Foreword
  7. Preface
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. 1 An Introduction: Getting Comfy with the Weird Stuff
    1. What Do We Mean by 'Non-Traditional Staging and Performance'?
    2. Who Was Michael Chekhov?
    3. Why Are Michael Chekhov Exercises a Good Fit When Preparing Performances in Non-Traditional Spaces?
    4. Who Is This Book For?
  10. 2 Honoring the Obligation
    1. Exercise 2.1 Free Play/Open Swim
    2. Exercise 2.2 The 'Here' Silent Story
    3. Exercise 2.3 Sculpting in Space: Back, Front and Side
    4. Exercise 2.4 Voice Shapes: Playing with Archetypal Voices
    5. Advice from the Pros: Using the Four Brothers for Non-Traditional Staging by Lisa Loving Dalton
  11. 3 Discovering the Delight
    1. Exercises 3.1 and 3.2 Qualities of Movement and Elemental Physicality with Music
    2. Exercise 3.3 The Rapture
    3. Exercise 3.4 The Trinity of Psychology: Thinking, Feeling, Willing
    4. Exercise 3.5 Stupid, Fat and Smelly: Imaginary Body Breath Work
    5. Advice from the Pros: Directing on the Thrust Stage—The Two-Room vs. One-Room Concept by Ed Menta
  12. 4 Embodying Three-Dimensional Resonance
    1. Exercise 4.1 Avatar
    2. Exercise 4.2 Time Machine
    3. Exercise 4.3 Project Your Energy
    4. Exercise 4.4 Filling Space: The Full Body Dance
    5. Exercise 4.5 Bring Them In
    6. Exercise 4.6 Expanding from the Self into Outer Space
    7. Exercise 4.7 Getting it off Our Chest: Freeing the Tension in the Chest, Shoulders, Neck and Jaw
    8. Advice from the Pros: Lighting in Non-Proscenium Spaces by Heath Hansum
  13. 5 Crafting the Rhythm of Truth
    1. Exercise 5.1 Managing Mind Sweat
    2. Exercise 5.2 Walking Meditation
    3. Exercise 5.3 The Matrix
    4. Exercise 5.4 Ball Work
    5. Exercises 5.5 Origin and 5.6 Suitcase
    6. Exercise 5.7 From Stillness to Chaos: Physical Rhythms
    7. Exercise 5.8 Experience the Rhythm: Real and Imagined Music
    8. Exercise 5.9 Inner/Outer Friction
    9. Exercise 5.10 Vroom Vroom, Kid's Play
    10. Advice from the Pros: On Acting and Directing in the Arena—Or, Give Me Back My Third Dimension by Lynn Musgrave
  14. 6 Sharing the Treasures
    1. Exercise 6.1 The Refrain
    2. Exercise 6.2 Bubble
    3. Exercise 6.3 Character Gestures and Jewelry: Vary the Repetition
    4. Exercise 6.4 Music as Character: Your Inner Monologue
    5. Exercise 6.5 Tornado: Activating Personal Atmosphere through the Body and Voice
    6. Advice from the Pros: Costuming in the Round—A Question of Your Point of View by Sue Picinich
  15. 7 Entering the Experience
    1. Exercise 7.1 The Helpers
    2. Exercise 7.2 The Revelation Spell
    3. Exercise 7.3 Gifts
    4. Exercise 7.4 Upgrade
    5. Exercise 7.5 Combining Gifts and Upgrade
    6. Exercise 7.6 The Garden
    7. Exercise 7.7 Beauty Quilting
    8. Exercise 7.8 Good Vibrations: Ritualizing Group Sound
    9. Exercise 7.9 Holiday Fun
    10. Exercise 7.10 Angel Walk: Support for the Individual Performer
    11. Advice from the Pros: The Power of Suggestion by Karel Blakeley
  16. 8 Conclusion
  17. Appendix: Short List of Exercises in Book Organized by Corresponding Michael Chekhov Tools
  18. Bibliography
  19. Notes on Author and Contributors
  20. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Acting Exercises for Non-Traditional Staging
  • Author(s): Anjalee Deshpande Hutchinson
  • Release date: July 2017
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781351984249