17.4. Accepting Communications from Other Domains


You want a movie to accept local connection communications from movies served from other domains.


Use the allowDomain( ) method of the receiving local connection object.


By default, receiving movies accept communications from sending movies on the same domain only. However, you can use the allowDomain( ) method of a local connection object to allow or disallow communications from any domains. You need to define the allowDomain( ) method for each receiving local connection object for which you wish to define a custom list of domains to accept or deny.

If present, the allowDomain( ) method is automatically invoked when a local connection object receives a communication. If allowDomain( ) returns true, the communication is accepted; if it returns false, the communication is denied. Therefore, you can configure a local connection object to receive communications from any domain by having its allowDomain( ) method return true in all cases:

// Define the receiving local connection, and instruct it to listen to communications
// over the "_myConnection" channel.
receiving_lc = new LocalConnection(  );

// Define the allowDomain(  ) method for the receiving local connection object, which
// is invoked automatically whenever a communication is received. This example always
// returns true, so all communications are accepted. receiving_lc.allowDomain = function (domain) { return true; ...

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