Stage Four

In the fourth stage of the application we want to add some buttons that allow the user to move the circles, as a group, as they bounce around. Also, we’ll let the user scale and rotate the circles as a group. Here are the steps to follow to complete stage four:

  1. Open stage3.fla and save it as stage4.fla.

  2. Create a new movie clip symbol named RectangleButton.

  3. Open the linkage properties for RectangleButton.

  4. Check the Export for ActionScript and Export in First Frame options and add a linkage identifier of RectangleButtonSymbol.

  5. Click OK to close the linkage properties.

  6. Edit RectangleButtonSymbol.

  7. Add the following code to the first frame of the default layer:

    function RectangleButtonClass (  ) {}
    RectangleButtonClass.prototype = new MovieClip(  );
    RectangleButtonClass.prototype.init = function (label, col, w, h) {
      // If w (width) is undefined, default to 100; if h (height) is undefined,
      // default to 30; if col (for color) is undefined, default to 0xDFDFDF (light
      // gray); and if label is undefined default to "submit".
      w = (w == undefined) ? 100 : w;
      h = (h == undefined) ? 30 : h;
      col = (col == undefined) ? 0xDFDFDF : col;
      label = (label == undefined) ? "submit" : label;
      // Create a movie clip into which to draw the rectangle button.
      this.createEmptyMovieClip("btn", 1);
      // Create a label text field. Use createAutoTextField(  ) to make the text field
      // autosize. (You will include from Chapter 8 on the main // timeline.) this.createAutoTextField("label", 2); ...

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