Creating the Server-Side Application

The server-side portion of the video chat/message center application is contained within a single ASC file, main.asc. Here are the steps necessary to create the server-side part of this application:

  1. Create a new FlashCom application named CommunicationCenterApp . You can do this by making a new directory with this name inside of the FlashCom server’s applications directory.

  2. Create a new file inside of the CommunicationCenterApp directory. Name the file main.asc.

  3. Add the following code to main.asc:

    // The application.onConnect(  ) method is invoked each time a new client connects
    // to the application. The newClient parameter is a FlashCom-generated reference
    // to the new client. The username parameter is a value passed to the method by
    // the Flash client.
    application.onConnect = function (newClient, username, password) {
      newClient.username = username;
      newClient.password = password;
      // The acceptClient(  ) function accepts the client and assigns methods to the
      // client object according to the user type.
    // The application.onDisconnect(  ) method is automatically invoked whenever a
    // client disconnects from the application.
    application.onDisconnect = function (disconnectClient) {
      // If the client who has disconnected was on a call with the administrator,
      // release that connection by setting the callingClient property to null. Also,
      // if the administrator is still online, invoke the incomingCallEnd(  ) method // in the ...

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