Making the Components

After formulating the general overview of the application’s pieces, the next step is to create each of the components. All the components in the subsequent sections should be placed within a single Flash document. To start, create a new Flash document named scheduler.fla.

Designing the TimeSelector Component

The TimeSelector component consists of a scroll pane in which 24 TimeSelectorItem instances appear. Additionally, the TimeSelector component should have the following functionality:

  • You should be able to make the component selectable or nonselectable. When the user is adding notes or to-do items to a daily schedule, the entire time selector should become nonselectable to signify this.

  • You should be able to highlight or remove a highlight from any of the time selector items by index.

  • You should be able to set a callback function that is automatically invoked whenever a time selector item is selected.

To create the TimeSelector component, complete the following steps:

  1. The TimeSelector component requires you to include the ScrollPane component in your movie. Create a copy of the ScrollPane component in your movie’s Library by dragging an instance from the Components panel to the Stage. You can then delete the instance on stage; a copy of the symbol remains in the Library.

  2. Create a new movie clip symbol named TimeSelector.

  3. Open the linkage properties for the symbol.

  4. Select the Export for ActionScript and Export in First Frame checkboxes.

  5. Give the symbol a linkage identifier ...

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