Color.getRGB( ) Method — retrieve the current offset values for Red, Green, and Blue


Flash 5


colorObj.getRGB( )


A number representing the current RGB offsets of colorObj’s target.


The getRGB( ) method returns a number ranging from -16777215 to 16777215 that represents the current color offsets for the Red, Green, and Blue components in a clip; to retrieve the color percentages, you must use getTransform( ). Because color offset values normally range from 0 to 255, it’s convenient to work with the return value of getRGB( ) in hexadecimal, where each color offset can be represented by a two-digit hex number. To decipher the number returned by getRGB( ), we treat it as a six-digit hex number of the form 0x RRGGBB, where RR is the Red offset, GG is the Green offset, and BB is the Blue offset. For example, if getRGB( ) returns the number 10092339, we convert it to the hex number 0x99FF33 from which we derive the color offsets R:153, G:255, B:51. Or if getRGB( ) returns the number 255, we convert it to the hex number 0x0000FF from which we derive the color offsets R:0, G:0, B:255. The return value of getRGB( ) can be converted to hexadecimal with toString( ), as follows:

// Create a Color object
myColor = new Color("myClip");
// Set the Red offset to 255 (FF in hex)
// Retrieve the RGB offset and convert it to hexadecimal
hexColor = myColor.getRGB( ).toString(16);
trace(hexColor);  // Displays: ff0000

Hexadecimal color values ...

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