Chapter 19. Upgrading Active Directory

Like any other service or application, you must be prepared to upgrade Active Directory as it evolves with each version of Windows and as your organization’s Information Technology group moves forward. Given the fundamental nature of Active Directory as a core IT service, there is undoubtedly trepidation when the discussion of an upgrade comes up.

With planning and due diligence, however, you can successfully upgrade your organization’s Active Directory environment to take advantage of new features and continue to operate on a supported platform.

In this chapter, we’ll take a look at the new features that have come with each version of Active Directory, some of the steps necessary to start planning your upgrade, and how to initiate the upgrade process. Finally, we’ll look at some known issues that you should be aware of as you plan to upgrade Active Directory in your organization.

19.1. Active Directory Versions

Before we go too far, it’s worth looking at the new features and functionality that have been added with each successive version of Active Directory. Active Directory is over a decade old and there continues to be innovation in each release to push the bar higher and deliver more value to Active Directory customers.

As you read this section, look at the features and functionality that come with each version of Windows ahead of you. You can use this information to start building a business case for the upgrade. Conversely, looking at the ...

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