11.16. Moving a Domain Controller to a Different Site


You want to move a domain controller to a different site. This may be necessary if you promoted the domain controller without first adding its subnet to Active Directory. In that case, the domain controller will be added to the Default-First-Site-Name site.


Using a graphical user interface

  1. Open the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in.

  2. In the left pane, expand Sites, expand the site where the server you want to move is contained, and expand the Servers container.

  3. Right-click on the server you want to move and select Move.

  4. Select the site to move the server to.

  5. Click OK.

Using a command-line interface

> dsmove "cn=<ServerName>,cn=servers,cn=<CurrentSite>,[RETURN]
cn=sites,cn=configuration,<ForestRootDN>" -newparent "cn=servers,cn=<NewSite>,[RETURN]

Using VBScript

' This code moves a server to a different site.
' Should contain the common name of the server object
strDC = "<DomainControllerName>" ' e.g. dc02
' Name of servers current site
strCurrentSite = "<CurrentSite>" ' e.g. Default-First-Site-Name
' Name of site you want to move server to
strNewSite = "<NewSite>" ' e.g. Raleigh ' ------ END CONFIGURATION --------- strConfigDN = GetObject("LDAP://RootDSE").Get("configurationNamingContext") strServerDN = "LDAP://cn=" & strDC & ",cn=servers,cn=" & _ strCurrentSite & ",cn=sites," & strConfigDN strNewParentDN = "LDAP://cn=servers,cn=" ...

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