Starting Our Interface

In the last chapter, you created the simple home page, shown in Listing 2.1.

Code Listing 2.1. index.asp: Our simple home page
<H1>Primary Outpost</H1>
Your source for science fiction news.
We will put current news here.
<A href="news/news.asp">News</A>
<BR><A href="news/archives.asp">Archives</A>
<A href="bazaar/bazaar.asp">The Bazaar</A>
<A href="auction/auctions.asp">Auctions</A>
<A href="mySpace/mySpace.asp">mySpace</A>
<A href="register.asp">Register</A>


This is the file you're going to start changing.


If you are not building this project on your local machine, you'll need to adjust the URL's we discuss accordingly. For instance, if you build the project ...

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