Personalizing Our Site Through myAuctions

At this point we have a functioning auction house, but we still need to tie things together somewhat. For instance, we need a list of all the auctions involving our user for their mySpace page. This includes the items that they're selling as well as the items they're trying to buy.

Copy auction_listitems.asp (it has a lot of what we want to do already in it) to myAuctions.asp. Unaltered, this will list all of the auctions, but we're going to set the recordset to filter out everything that's not being sold by our user (see Listing 6.22).

Code Listing 6.22. myAuctions.asp: The user as seller
 0: <%@ LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" %> 1: <!--#include file=""--> 2: <% pageTitle = "myAuctions" %> 3: <!--#include ...

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