1. Starting with Acrobat

We’ll start with the basics: how to open Acrobat, what you’ll be looking at when you do so, and how to quit the application. You’ll also learn how to customize some of the Acrobat user interface to your taste.

We’ll explore the details and use of Acrobat’s toolbars, menus, and other interface items throughout this book; here, we’ll orient you so you become comfortable with the layout of the software’s windows.

Opening and Quitting Acrobat 8

You open and quit Adobe Acrobat 8 the way you open or close any application on the Macintosh or Windows.

To open Acrobat 8

• Do one of the following:

• Double-click the Acrobat 8 application icon (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1.1. Launch Acrobat 8 by clicking either the application or a PDF ...

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