Chapter 9. Exporting to PDF from Authoring Applications


  • Working with Adobe Creative Suite

  • Doing direct exports to PDF from design applications

  • Using Acrobat with engineering programs

Chapter 7 covered PDF creation from all the supported file formats contained in the Convert to PDF preferences. In Chapter 8 you learned about using the PDFMaker with Microsoft programs. Other PDF creation tools exist with programs such as QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, and Lotus Notes, and the list of programs supporting PDF creation continues to grow.

Where PDF exports from host applications are best is with Adobe's own Creative Suite applications. Many of the Adobe CS programs were created from the ground up using core PDF technology.

This chapter deals with PDF exports from the Creative Suite programs. Some options you find with exports to PDF in Adobe Programs are supported in other applications, but none have as comprehensive set of PDF export choices as do the Adobe programs. If you're a user of any one of the Creative Suite applications, then this chapter is for you.

Setting Up the Environment

This chapter is concerned with creating PDFs; therefore, no toolbars need to be loaded in the Toolbar Well. You can leave your toolbars in Acrobat set to the default view to follow what's covered in this chapter.

Working with Acrobat and the Adobe Creative Suite

The Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2) comes in two flavors. The Creative Suite Standard edition includes Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe InDesign CS, Adobe ...

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