Chapter 5. Viewing and Navigating PDF Files

Acrobat viewers provide you with many different kinds of tools to view pages and move around PDF documents. As a visitor to PDFs created by other PDF authors, you can use many tools within the program to browse pages and find information quickly. As a PDF author you can create viewing options and links to views you know will help the end user explore your files. In this chapter, I cover all viewing tools, pages, documents, and the different kinds of viewing options you have available in Acrobat viewers. I leave the authoring items and how-to methods to other chapters. For now, just realize this chapter is an abbreviated form of looking at a huge list of possibilities for viewing and navigation. The amplified explanations follow in several other chapters.

If you're familiar with Acrobat 8 viewers, you'll find little change with viewing options in Acrobat 9, with the exception of viewing documents in the new Acrobat 9 PDF Portfolio feature. Most of the tools in Acrobat 9 are very similar to viewing tools you used in Acrobat 8.

Setting Up the Work Environment

At the beginning of all subsequent chapters, I begin the chapter by offering suggestions for setting up your work environment. As you can see in Chapter 1, all the Acrobat viewers contain many tools and panels, and most of these tools and panels are hidden when you first launch the program. Because Acrobat can do so many things for so many different working professionals, Adobe Systems ...

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