Chapter 3. Using Help and Resources

In Chapter 1, I talked about getting help in Adobe Acrobat using some different help menu commands. There's much more to getting help in Acrobat than I covered in Chapter 1. Therefore, a separate chapter detailing the specifics of various help options seems appropriate.

In addition to help documents, there are a number of resources installed in folders that you might want to become familiar with. Many resource files can be edited to customize your PDF creation and editing.

In this chapter, I talk about some of the help documents, Web links, and resources you have with Adobe Acrobat when you start up the program and when you begin to work on some different editing tasks.

Accessing Help

You can see the number of different commands and tools available in Acrobat is extraordinary — and you haven't yet looked at all the submenu options or different preference options accessed from the top-level menu bar. With all these features available to you, your initial Acrobat sessions can sometimes be overwhelming. Fortunately, the great engineers and program designers at Adobe Systems thought about you, and they decided to provide some help.

Help with learning more about Acrobat comes in several forms, and you can choose from several help methods to find the one that works well in your workflow. This section covers different options for getting help in an Acrobat session.

Using Acrobat help

Acrobat doesn't ship with ...

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