Chapter 10. Exporting PDF Content

To begin this section on editing PDF documents, I'll start with saving files and exporting data. As you find in this chapter, Acrobat has Save tools and commands and supports exporting your PDF data in a variety of file formats. As you learned in Part II, files are not originally authored in Acrobat, but rather, they are converted to the PDF format. If you need to perform some major editing, it's always best to try to return to the original authoring application, make your edits, and then convert to PDF. In some cases, however, you may not have an original authoring application document. In such circumstances, you may need to get the PDF data in a format that you can manipulate and edit in another program. Fortunately, Acrobat supports exporting to many different file formats that can be imported in other programs.

Saving PDF Files

When you open a PDF document in any viewer, the Save tool in the File toolbar and the File

Saving PDF Files

After you edit a file through the use of tools or menu commands, the Save tool and Save menu command become active.

You can use the File

Saving PDF Files

Another factor affecting optimized files is ensuring the default preferences are set to file optimization when using ...

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