Chapter 11. Combining, Packaging, and Attaching PDFs

In Acrobat versions 6 and 7, we had a menu command for creating a single PDF from multiple files of different file formats. In Acrobat 8 we saw some improvements to combining files into a single PDF document, and we were introduced to PDF Packages. In Acrobat 9 PDF Portfolios were introduced. In Acrobat X we have a new interface design and some improvements to the PDF Portfolio features.

In addition to using the Combine Files options and creating PDF Portfolios, I tossed in adding file attachments to PDF documents, and I cover the various options you have when adding attachments to PDFs and PDF Portfolios.

Read on to explore Acrobat features for merging files into single PDF documents and assembling files into PDF Portfolios, and learn some of the methods Acrobat provides to you for attaching files to your documents.

Merging Files into a Single PDF Document

The Adobe Acrobat development team has spent considerable time over the last few versions of Acrobat to improve and deliver methods for us to combine multiple files into PDF documents. Adobe claims their research has found most knowledge workers today want to communicate messages based on the delivery of different files created in different authoring programs.

You might have a spreadsheet created in Excel, a presentation created in PowerPoint, ...

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