Chapter 22. Working with Multimedia and PDFs

Acrobat offers a wide range of possibilities with animation, motion, and sound. You can import sound files in PDFs, import movie files, import and convert Flash files to PDF, and create animation by writing JavaScript routines. With the exception of writing JavaScripts, you create animation and sound in other applications and import them in PDF documents or you can convert a media file directly to PDF.

Movie files added with the Multimedia menu choices in the Content panel are available only in Acrobat. Acrobat Standard does not have these tools and you have no way of adjusting properties for movie and sound files with Acrobat Standard. However, after you've added movie and sound files in Acrobat Pro, all Acrobat viewers, including Adobe Reader, can play the movies and sounds.

In this chapter you learn how to import multimedia files into PDF documents, set a number of import options choices, adjust media properties, and convert media files directly to PDFs.

Working with Sound Files

You import sounds in Acrobat in one of two ways. You can use the Record Audio Comment tool and record or import a message in the form of a comment. Once recorded, the sound is embedded in Acrobat and not accessible for importing via an action. The other method of handling sound in PDF documents is to import sounds from files saved on your hard drive. By importing sounds you ...

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