Chapter 26. Using for Online Collaboration

Acrobat Connect was a new program Adobe Systems provided in version 8 and made accessible from within all Acrobat viewers as well as Adobe Bridge CS3. In Acrobat 8 you had two versions of Acrobat Connect designed to satisfy remote meeting needs for large organizations and individual users. Acrobat Connect Professional is a powerful online collaboration program, and Acrobat Connect is a personal collaboration meeting room.

In Acrobat 9, Adobe introduced a separate service. Among the features available with, you have another online collaboration tool called ConnectNow. is a collection of online collaboration tools that provide you free services for sharing files, sharing reviews, distributing forms, using an online word processor and collaborating in online meetings — something similar to Web conferencing.

Acrobat Connect Pro is still with us in Acrobat version X as a paid service. Through the Connect workspace you can host a meeting complete with screen sharing on your computer and a host of industrial-strength tools for conducting online meetings. ConnectNow is a free service that provides some similar features available with the Acrobat Connect Pro service, but with several fewer features, among which is the limitation of the number of people who can attend a meeting. With Connect Pro you can conduct meetings with ...

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