Chapter 11

Classified! Using Classifications to Make Data More Accessible


Bullet Making data accessible through classification

Bullet Using classification to organize data

Bullet Interpreting classified data

Bullet Discovering how administrators classify data

Despite the intentional ambiguity of the chapter title, we are not addressing how to keep your data secret. Just the opposite, in fact. A classification is a way of categorizing reporting and analytics variable data and changing the way that data is displayed in reports. In short, classification has two main functions:

  • Organizing data with a level of flexibility that supplements and goes beyond what you can do with even complex combinations of dimensions, metrics, and segments
  • Renaming data with more user-friendly terms

Typically, categorizing involves both aspects, in combination. The objective is to make your data more accessible using classifications (with an s) to organize and package that data in a way that is most useful for the stakeholders who need to understand it.

In this chapter, you explore classification on three levels: ...

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