InDesign Lesson 3: Working with and Formatting Text


This lesson covers the essential capabilities for importing, formatting, and flowing text using InDesign CC.

What you’ll learn in this lesson:

  • Importing text
  • Formatting text
  • Defining a font favorite
  • Using the Story Editor
  • New ways of searching the font menu
  • Applying Styles to text

Starting up

Before starting, make sure that your tools and panels are consistent by resetting your preferences. See “Resetting the InDesign workspace and preferences” in the Starting up section of this book.

You will work with several files from the id03lessons folder in this lesson. Make sure that you have copied the CClessons folder onto your hard drive from See “Loading lesson files” in the Starting up section of this book for details. This lesson may be easier to follow if the id03lessons folder is on your desktop.

The project

In this lesson you will add text into your layout and import type created using a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. You will also use InDesign’s text controls to control text formatting as you create a layout for a fictitious magazine, Tech.

To view the finished project before starting, choose File > Open, navigate to the id03lessons folder, select id0301_done.indd, and then click Open. Choose View > Fit Page in Window or press Ctrl+0 (Windows) or ...

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