Chapter 7: Using Color

In This Chapter

  • Discovering color modes
  • Finding out about swatches
  • Using color for print
  • Using color on the web

Using color in documents is one of the most important considerations in creating your projects. The colors you use, the mode you use them in, and even the way you select colors make a difference in the way your document looks as a finished product. Color is quite a broad subject, and in this chapter, you find out the basic facts about how color affects the projects you work on.

Planning how you apply color is important, and this plan is greatly determined by the kind of output you intend for the document. Different color modes are appropriate for graphics that are onscreen rather than those that are professionally printed.

You may be working with specific colors that a company needs in order to match its logo or creating an image that replicates how a building should be painted with specific colors of paint. You may need to use particular Pantone colors, also referred to as PMS (Pantone Matching System) or color mixes — if not for the printing process, then for the purpose of matching a client's color request.

In this chapter, you are introduced to color modes and how to use them. You also discover new terminology and how to find, mix, and add colors to your documents in the Creative Cloud.

Looking at Color Modes and Channels

Several color modes are available for use in the Creative Cloud applications. When you start a new document in Photoshop ...

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