Chapter 6: Lights, Camera, Movie Clips!

In This Chapter

  • Exploring movie clip uses and advantages
  • Creating and placing movie clips
  • Previewing movie clip animation
  • Transforming and tweening movie clip instances
  • Modifying movie clips
  • Using the 3D Translation and 3D Rotation tools

Complicated machines, such as automobiles, are made from many smaller machines and moving parts. To build an automobile any other way just isn't possible. Along those lines, you may find that some animations are too elaborate to create on the main Timeline alone. You can break them down into smaller animations that can be brought together as part of a larger animation.

You'll find that your movie may need to reuse several identical animations. (Think about the four spinning wheels on a car.) In these cases, you have movie clips.

Discovering Movie Clips

The powerful and versatile movie clip symbol type can include entire, independent animations yet be placed and maintained in your movie just as easily as graphic symbols. The movie clip is one of three primary symbol types in Flash, and as with all symbols (see Chapter 3 of this minibook), they can be easily duplicated and maintained from a single master symbol in the library.

Movie clips are unique in that each one contains its own Timeline that looks and works just like the main one. This Timeline is completely self-contained, so animations in movie clips don't depend on the length of the main Timeline. Movie clips can almost be thought of as movies within ...

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