Chapter 8

Creating Digital Documents Using EPUB


check Digital document essentials

check Alternate layouts for varying devices

check Liquid Layout rules

check Exporting to EPUB 2.0 (Reflowable)

check Exporting to EPUB 3.0 (Fixed Layout)

InDesign was built more than a decade ago as a tool for creating printed documents not for creating digital documents and electronic books. As of InDesign CS5, however, Adobe added the capability to create digital documents for distribution on tablets, e-readers, and the web. Since then, many new features have been added to InDesign that are focused on creating digital documents.

Because publishing on tablets is still relatively new, the workflows, tools, and features are still in their infancy. In some cases, we find the process a bit clumsy and the tools added to InDesign feel like an afterthought, but, unless you want to learn to code HTML5 and CSS3, the Creative Cloud tools are your best bet for getting your content delivered onto a tablet or e-reading device. ...

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