Adobe® Creative Suite 2: Classroom in a Book®

Book description

Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe’s tightly integrated set of design tools, offers enough goodies to make any graphic designer swoon. Since the Premium edition of this software collection includes Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS 2, InDesign CS2, GoLive CS2, and Acrobat 7.0 Professional–as well as a handful of other shiny new tools–users will find everything they need to create beautiful content for print, the Web, and mobile devices. Here to make sure you master it quickly and completely is a self-paced guide from Adobe’s Creative Team--the folks behind the software. With the Classroom in a Book series, you learn by immersion. Step-by-step, project-based lessons walk you through sample real-life projects, while review questions at the end of each chapter reinforce the new skills you’ve learned. The companion CD, filled with lesson and media files, will have you working on print, Web and PDF projects in no time. Whether you’re a graphic design novice, student, graphic designer, educator, or are just new to the Adobe Creative Suite, this book will give you a solid overview of Adobe’s creative design software.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing Adobe Creative Suite 2
    4. What's on the CD *
    5. Starting the applications of Adobe Creative Suite 2
      1. For example, to start Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Windows
      2. To start Adobe Photoshop CS2 in Mac OS
    6. Copying the Classroom in a Book Files
      1. To copy the Classroom in a Book lesson files, do the following
    7. Additional resources
    8. Adobe Certification
    9. The Adobe Creative Suite 2
    10. The Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications
      1. Image editing with Adobe Photoshop CS2
      2. Drawing and illustrating with Adobe Illustrator CS2
      3. Page layout with Adobe InDesign CS2
      4. Web design with Adobe GoLive CS2
      5. Client review and print output with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional and Adobe Reader
      6. File sharing and versioning with Adobe Version Cue CS2
      7. Organizing assets with Adobe Bridge
    11. What's New
      1. Adobe Photoshop CS2
        1. Revolutionary Vanishing Point
        2. Multiple layer control
        3. Smart Objects
        4. Multi-image digital camera raw file processing
        5. Image Warp
      2. Adobe Illustrator CS2
        1. Live Trace
        2. Live Paint
        3. Control palette
        4. Custom workspaces
        5. Photoshop layer comp support
      3. Adobe InDesign CS2
        1. Object styles
        2. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PDF layer support
        3. InDesign snippets
        4. Adobe InCopy CS2 assignments
        5. Save backwards to InDesign CS
      4. Adobe GoLive CS2
        1. Enhanced live rendering
        2. Simple visual tools to build and edit CSS-based pages
        3. Visual CSS authoring for mobile devices
        4. Visual SVG-t inspection and authoring for mobile
        5. Total site management
      5. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional
        1. Inclusive electronic reviews
        2. Improved preflighting of Adobe PDF files
        3. Powerful print production tools
        4. Ink coverage, rich black detection, and overprint warnings
        5. Support for the latest standards
      6. Adobe Version Cue CS2
        1. Productivity made simple
        2. Shared project information
        3. Simplified sharing for small workgroups
        4. Automatic file naming
        5. File version notification
      7. Adobe Bridge
        1. Organized assets
        2. Project and file sharing
        3. Accessibility anywhere
        4. Powerful file searching
        5. Convenient access to stock photos
  3. 1. Asset Creation and General Setup
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Creating Favorites folders in Bridge
    3. Working with Favorites folders in Bridge
    4. Selecting a color profile in Bridge
    5. Exploring the color profile settings in Illustrator CS2
    6. Defining a set of CMYK color swatches
    7. Adding swatches to your Swatches palette
    8. Saving color swatches for exchange
    9. Tracing artwork
    10. Applying colors
    11. Using a wordmark as part of the logo
    12. Assembling the logo
    13. Preparing the artwork for reuse
    14. Setting up a document in InDesign
    15. Defining a bleed area
    16. Importing color swatches in InDesign
    17. Placing Illustrator artwork
    18. Scaling Illustrator artwork
    19. Adding more graphical elements
    20. Adjusting the design
    21. Adding text
    22. Getting help
    23. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  4. 2. Designing a CD Cover
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Working with Adobe Stock Photos
    3. Examining metadata
    4. Viewing and ranking images in Bridge
    5. Creating a multi-layered document in Photoshop
    6. Creating layer comps in Photoshop
    7. Saving a Photoshop file containing layer comps
    8. Reviewing layer comps in InDesign
    9. Importing text from word processor documents
    10. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  5. 3. Creating Distinctive Packaging
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Changing dimension and resolution of a photo in Photoshop
    3. Turning a photo into an abstract background image
    4. Designing a label in Illustrator
    5. Adding guides, graphics, clipping masks
    6. Adding text
    7. Using Illustrator's brush and symbol libraries
    8. Creating a 3D comprehensive
    9. Mapping artwork
    10. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  6. 4. Publishing a Newsletter
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Newsletter basics
    3. Setting up the document
    4. Using master pages
    5. Working with text frames
    6. Adding placeholder text
    7. Specifying the number of columns for a text frame
    8. Creating graphic frames and wrapping text
    9. Linking text frames
    10. Formatting text
    11. Creating and applying styles
    12. Adding line art
    13. Changing the background color of a text frame
    14. Pasting text as inline graphics
    15. Using Photoshop's vanishing point feature
    16. Placing an image in InDesign
    17. Exporting PDFs for online viewing
    18. Printing a proof
    19. Running a preflight check
    20. Creating a package
    21. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  7. 5. Building a Web Site
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Changing Illustrator artwork from CMYK to RGB
    3. Setting up an RGB document with custom swatches
    4. Placing Illustrator artwork in Photoshop
    5. Adding guides and text
    6. Switching to ImageReady
    7. Adding guides in ImageReady
    8. Using the Tab Rectangle tool
    9. Adding button text
    10. Creating layer-based rollover buttons
    11. Setting up a simple Web site in GoLive
    12. Using Smart Objects
    13. Creating links
    14. Using frame sets
    15. Linking frames to pages
    16. Specifying target frames
    17. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  8. 6. Adding Animation
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Creating layers for an animation in Illustrator
    3. Creating frames from layers in ImageReady
    4. Modifying frames of an animation in ImageReady
    5. Tweening frames in ImageReady
    6. Fixing broken links in GoLive
    7. Using a mouse-click action
    8. Adding head elements to a page
    9. Using layers in GoLive
    10. Animate layers with the Timeline Editor
    11. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  9. 7. Moving from Print to Web
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Editing source files of Smart Objects
    3. Adding a new button to the navigation bar
    4. Adding a rollover state to the button
    5. Updating modified Smart Objects in GoLive
    6. Preparing to use Package for GoLive in InDesign
    7. Performing the Package for GoLive command
    8. Opening the package in GoLive
    9. Using the CSS Editor
    10. Inserting stories as Smart Text Components
    11. Placing images from a package
    12. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  10. 8. Presenting with Styles
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Using InDesign for your presentation
    3. Setting up the document
    4. Editing master pages
    5. Setting up text frames
    6. Defining paragraph styles
    7. Starting paragraphs with bullets
    8. Modifying paragraph styles
    9. Adding interactive elements
    10. Exporting hyperlinks and interactive elements
    11. Completing the presentation
    12. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  11. 9. Submitting Work for Review
    1. Lesson overview
    2. Saving the file for online review
    3. Setting up an email-based review
    4. Adding comments in a review
    5. Marking up documents
    6. Tracking comments
    7. Last minute touch-up in Acrobat
    8. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  12. 10. Understanding Adobe Version Cue CS2
    1. Overview
    2. The Adobe Creative Suite vision
      1. Adobe Bridge
      2. Metadata
      3. PDF-based reviews
    3. Version Cue and enhanced productivity
      1. Powerful file management for individual users
      2. Workflow enhancements for collaborative users
      3. A typical Version Cue environment
    4. Version Cue versus traditional file-management systems
      1. The operating system
      2. File-naming conventions
      3. Third-party tools
      4. Custom solutions
    5. Underlying technology and implementation
      1. Understanding Version Cue terminology
        1. Workspaces
        2. Projects
        3. Working copies
        4. Historical versions and alternates
        5. Multi-user access
      2. Setting up and installing Version Cue
        1. Turning Version Cue off and on
        2. Turning on Version Cue in Adobe Creative Suite components
        3. Creating projects
      3. Connecting to Version Cue remotely
      4. Using advanced administration features
        1. Trusted versus nontrusted environments
        2. Accessing Workspace Administration
      5. Performing maintenance, archiving, and backup
        1. Maintenance
        2. Exporting projects
        3. Backing up projects
      6. Handling data corruption
    6. Making Version Cue Work for You
      1. Testing the system
      2. Scaling Version Cue
      3. Practical limitations
      4. Upgrading from a Version Cue CS (1.x) Workspace
    7. For more information
  13. Article
    1. Production Notes
      1. Typefaces used
      2. Team credits
      3. Images

Product information

  • Title: Adobe® Creative Suite 2: Classroom in a Book®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: July 2005
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321349828