Chapter 8. Getting Into the (Work)flow

In This Chapter

  • Creating and managing workspace layouts

  • Setting up grids and guides

  • Using snap options and the Align panel

  • Using animation helpers

  • Creating custom keyboard shortcuts

  • Using the Movie Explorer panel

Sometimes the difference between a good project and a great project is having a seamless workflow. Visual aids, such as guides and grids, alignment aids, and proper placement of tools and panels are essential parts of creating better movies in less time. The Flash workspace is highly customizable so that you can work in the most efficient way possible and spend more time being creative. Flash CS4 includes a new, easy-to-use interface, as well as some great workspace presets for most every type of user.

Using Workspace Layouts

Your Flash workspace consists of all the panels and tools you rely on, so why not take some time to customize it? You can save the position and appearance of these essential components by creating custom workspace layouts.

Workspace layouts take a snapshot of the appearance and position of panels you're using so that you can recall that same configuration at any time. You can save as many workspace layouts as you want for different projects or different designers who may share the same computer with you.

Choose Window

Using Workspace Layouts


Flash CS4 comes with several layout presets: Default, Classic, Debug, Designer, Developer, and Essentials. ...

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