Chapter 9. Publishing and Final Delivery

In This Chapter

  • Getting ready to publish

  • Choosing a publish format

  • Previewing your work

  • Publishing for the Web and CD-ROM

  • Choosing the right settings for your movie

  • Creating custom publish profiles

To show your creations to the world, publish the final movie with the Publish command. Before publishing, you can use the Publish Settings option to specify important settings for your final movie, including quality and version settings as well as your choice of file formats. Different options let you publish for the Web, CD-ROM, and even mobile phones. We cover all those options in this chapter.

Getting Familiar with the Publish Process

The .fla file you build your movie in is intended for the Flash authoring environment only. When you're ready to deliver a final product, create a final .swf (ShockWave Flash; compressed movie) file that the Flash Player can play. The Flash Player is responsible for displaying your movie in Web pages, mobile phones, and on CD-ROM (when packaged as a projector).

The Publish command, activated when you choose File

Getting Familiar with the Publish Process

Before publishing your final movie, use the Publish Settings dialog box to tell Flash exactly what files you want to generate and what settings to use for each file type. You can specify settings for every file format you choose, as well as quality settings for sounds and images used in your movie. The file types you ...

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