Chapter 4. Creating Production Workflows

The Adobe Creative Suite is built around the concept of facilitating design production in workflow environments. Designers and production artists create workflows either as independent workers or as participants in workflow groups. A workflow helps you perform your work quickly and intelligently, often by streamlining redundant tasks. Workflows are designed to dramatically reduce the time you need to perform your work and reduce the time required to train new workers.

This chapter covers the initial development of production workflows as they relate to using the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium edition. With all the tools at hand, you'll gain an understanding of how to use the CS4 applications in workflows and how you can save time producing artwork.

Understanding Workflows

Workflows as they pertain to the Adobe Creative Suite can be divided into several groups. As a graphic designer, you may be primarily concerned with production workflows where artwork creations originate in programs like Adobe Illustrator CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS4. Document assembly may be performed in Adobe InDesign CS4, and from InDesign CS4 you may export files to Adobe PDF or to Adobe Dreamweaver.

You may also be concerned with a color-management workflow to insure the color is consistent among all ...

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