Chapter 7. Using Version Cue

Version Cue is a file-versioning system that is tightly integrated into most of the CS4 version applications. Its key benefit is that it lets you set up projects for sharing over a network. All files within these projects are version-controlled, allowing members of the team to access the very latest versions of each file. The versioning features also ensure that team members don't accidentally save changes over the top of other changes.

Version Cue is accessed from within the File menu. Using the Adobe Version Cue CS4 Server utility, you can control all aspects of Version Cue from an administration interface. This interface lets you create and edit the access and authentication for users, create and define project properties, and lock files.

Setting Up the Version Cue Workspace

When CS4 is installed, Version Cue is also installed by default, but it is not enabled by default. Once the Version Cue server is started, it can be used.


Version Cue comes only as part of Creative Suite. If you purchased a license for only a single CS4 application, it won't include Version Cue, but the application can work with Version Cue if somebody else on your network has it installed.

Enabling Version Cue and setting preferences

Version Cue is installed by simply installing CS4. Version Cue preferences are set using the Adobe Version Cue CS4 ...

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