Chapter 27. Creating Web Pages

Document repurposing deals with reusing designs for different media. In today's business climate, designs created for print are frequently reused to produce Web sites, CD-ROMs, PDF files, and video products. Repurposing designs can save lots of time and presents a consistent look across several products.

This chapter presents one repurposing example among many. Documents created for print in InDesign may be exported for use in Dreamweaver to create Web sites. You also can use Device Central to test how various pages look in different mobile devices.

After you've completed the design for your Web site, the final step in the repurposing workflow is uploading Web content to an online server. But you must first obtain some server space from a hosting company and enter the server information within Dreamweaver. You can then upload, download, or synchronize with the server. In addition, you can use Dreamweaver to export the site to a local Web folder that an external FTP client can use to upload the files.

PDF files offer another common way to present designs on the Web. PDF files may include links to other Web resources and, if hosted using Adobe's Policy Server, ...

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