Welcome to the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Bible—your comprehensive guide to working with the complete suite of Adobe's Design Suite Premium imaging programs. In this book, we make an effort to help you understand the design and productivity features available from all the Creative Suite 4 (CS4) programs and how the documents you create from the individual applications work together to help you publish content for print, Web hosting, and CD-ROM replication.

Much has changed from the Creative Suite 3 programs to the newest incarnation of the Creative Suite. We're beginning to see the full integration of the former Macromedia programs working seamlessly with the Adobe Creative Suite programs that were originally created by Adobe Systems. You'll find Adobe Flash being a huge participant when adding content to all your designs and layouts prepared for screen viewing.

With the introduction of Adobe Acrobat 9, you'll find the new service a great new upgrade feature. When you want to hold a conference, show off your designs, share documents, engage in shared reviews, aggregate form data, and more, is your online library for communicating and reviewing your design concepts with your clients.

So why would we spend time covering subjects that are individually treated in other Wiley Bible publications? That's a good question, and the answer should be clear to you before you walk out of your local bookstore with this sizeable volume. It's true that there is a Wiley ...

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