Chapter 11. Transforming Objects and Images


  • Transforming objects, fills, and images

  • Arranging stacking order

  • Aligning and distributing objects and images

After you select objects, you can easily move them by clicking and dragging them to a new location. You also can move selected images using Photoshop's Move tool, but there is much more to transform-than just dragging an object or image to a new location.

The CS5 applications include many different ways to transform objects and images. You also can use the bounding box that surrounds a selection to rotate and scale an object. Understanding the visual cursor cues allows you to transform objects without bothering with tools or menus.

Within the Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Fireworks Toolboxes are several tools that are used to transform objects, such as the Rotate tool, the Scale tool, the Reflect tool, the Shear tool, and the Free Transform tool. If you choose Object

Transforming Objects and Images

In addition to covering altering a selection's position and orientation, this chapter also discusses stacking order, alignment, and distribution, all of which are nothing more than special transformation cases.

Transforming Objects in Illustrator

Objects are found in most of the CS5 applications. The various transformation methods let you place those objects into the precise location needed to create an appealing design. Acrobat and Dreamweaver ...

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