Chapter 18. Importing Word Processor Documents


  • Moving text via the Clipboard

  • Exporting text from Microsoft Word

  • Importing text into Illustrator and InDesign

  • Importing styles

  • Importing text into Dreamweaver

  • Working with Adobe Buzzword

Whether it is copy for an InDesign layout, product descriptions for a Dreamweaver Web page, or a marketing line you want to manipulate in Illustrator, the standard workflow for most text starts in a word processor like Microsoft Word and then the text is imported into one of the CS5 applications. Although the CS5 applications handle type very well, many copywriters are more comfortable with word processors; so importing design text is common.

This chapter covers the crucial workflow step of importing text from a word processor like MS Word to the CS5 applications. Although several different word processors are available, Microsoft Word is the most popular word processor available today, and it is used for all the examples in this chapter.

Today, knowledge workers are more involved in collaboration where two or more individuals participate on projects from copywriting to layout and design. Adobe recognizes the need for more collaborative efforts at the copywriting stage of a project, and with CS5 you now have opportunities to share document development online with Adobe Buzzword and place your Buzzword documents directly into InDesign layouts.

This chapter focuses first on importing word processor documents such as Microsoft Word files in CS applications, ...

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