Chapter 26. Adding Interactivity to Documents


  • Working with hyperlinks

  • Creating animation

  • Adding movies and sound

  • Creating interactive publications

  • Creating document designs using JavaScript

With increasing demand for more dynamic messaging, the world of advertising and graphic design has changed greatly in recent years from the delivery of static printed matter to more interactive content. With the advent of the Web and its fruition in the mid-1990s, the vehicle for communication has set standards for creative professionals to meet demands for more interesting delivery of information in the form of multimedia and interactive tools that enable readers to explore information according to personal interests. Today's reader audience is becoming more familiar with information that stimulates the senses and provides for quick access to the interests of individual readers.

With the Creative Suite applications, you have many tools for creating dynamic content in the form of integrating video, sound, and interactive buttons that provide readers methods for exploring information in exciting ways. In one way or another, each CS5 program provides you with opportunities to add dynamic content and/or interactive elements to your documents.

Creating Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are nothing new to computer programs and computer systems. In the late 1980s, Apple Computer introduced a program called HyperCard that might be thought of as the foundation for interactive document viewing that we now ...

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