Chapter 5. Importing and Exporting

In This Chapter

  • Integrating Adobe Bridge into your workflow

  • Importing content

  • Moving files from one CS5 application to another

  • Exporting content out of your documents

  • Exporting content from CS5 programs

Importing and exporting content are important tasks for much of the creative process you experience while using programs in the Creative Suite. You commonly import content to work on within your documents: You might import text composed by a designated writer into an InDesign document so that you can include the content in a page layout, or you might import a 3D design into an Illustrator document so that you can use the image in a design. Importing is necessary in all kinds of circumstances during a typical workflow.

Exporting content from each program is sometimes necessary when you want to save the document as a different file format. You may want to do this for compatibility reasons: Your audiences, or the people you're working with, need a different file format in order to open your work; or you may need to export to a different file format in order to import the work into a different program.

Discovering the Adobe Bridge Application

In this version of the Creative Suite, Adobe has dramatically enhanced the Adobe Bridge application and even included a mini panel version for Photoshop CS5 named, appropriately, Mini Bridge. The Adobe Bridge application helps you organize and manage your assets, such as pictures, text, and movie and audio files, as well ...

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